Merry Meet, Witches!

Welcome to Witchy Hocus Pocus, I'm glad you have found your way here, almost like divine intervention, so it's time to put your broomstick down for a moment and pour a witches brew.

It's nice to meet you, my name is Lisa and I'm from Australia. I’d love to hear about you and where you are in the world, so feel free to send me a message or join our community and introduce yourself.

I created Witchy Hocus Pocus in 2018, as a way to bring magical people together to connect, make friends and share knowledge, as well as for me to share with you what I'm learning along the way, as I believe we all start somewhere and it's helpful to share your wisdom to others that are also learning, even if we're on different paths.​

I have expanded this community from this website platform to a private Facebook group, TikTok and my Podcast.

There is also a shop on here with Witchy items and I have also handmade a lot of jewellery that I’m passionate about, so check it out!

I look forward to connecting with you and whether you're a new or a seasoned Witch, I welcome you all and hope that we can create more magic in this world together.


About Me…

As I mentioned, my name is Lisa and I’m from Australia, specifically in Gippsland in Victoria.

I love anything magical, spiritual, spooky and of course, witchy.

What makes me happy is Tim Burton films, fairy gardens, ladybirds, ferneries, occult/witch books or websites and podcasts, Halloween, playing The Sims and spooky/horror movies.

I’m quite the introvert and prefer nights in with my laptop, good food, wine and movies.

‘Witch’ is a term I have identified with for most of my life, however I have not always been open about it, as the term hasn’t always had a great reputation, but I am learning to embrace it!

I stem from a spiritual, intuitive family and have been in touch with my witchy side for as long as I can remember. I am very intuitive, empathic and psychic with Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Telepathy abilities, for which I experience nearly daily.

Ever since I was young, I have had many experiences with the paranormal and receiving messages from the beyond, even being able to pass messages onto loved ones. 

I am yet to have a regular practice and find a path to follow, however, I love anything to do with kitchen/green Witchery. Sometimes I feel a little like I'm still a Novice/new Witch, but I’m slowly learning and not pressuring myself to ‘find’ a path. 
To me, the term 'Witch' has usually had a negative connotation to it for centuries, but every day we see more magical people claiming ‘Witch’ and that makes me so happy!

Anyway, I look forward to connecting with you and chatting about all things witchy and magical, so please check out what’s on offer here and join our coven community.


Magic is believing in yourself.

Magic is believing in yourself.